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Below are the contents of the ADDRESS VERIFICATION FORM to be submitted in order to receive additional retirement benefits as a result of the Hilton Hotels Retirement Plan Class Action lawsuit.

If you are a member of this class and have not already received an Address Verification Form in the mail, download and print the pdf version of the Address Verification Form in order to confirm or update your address information.


Dear Participant:

You have identified yourself as a current or former employee of Hilton Hotels Corp. who may be entitled to an additional retirement benefit under the Hilton Hotels Retirement Plan as a result of the Kifafi v. Hilton Hotels Retirement Plan class action lawsuit. It is important that you confirm your mailing address, or update your address information, to ensure that you receive future notice about commencing your retirement benefits from the Hilton Hotels Retirement Plan.

The form at the bottom of this letter is provided for you to update your address information. If the Hilton Hotels employee has died and you are the surviving spouse or other beneficiary, please fill in your address and provide the date of death, your name and relationship to the deceased. Please mail your response to: Hilton Hotels Benefit Notice Administrator, c/o The Garden City Group, Inc., P.O. Box 9994, Dublin, OH 43017-5994. The information you provide will be held strictly confidential.

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Check One or More

__ The name and address information at the right/below is correct.

Full name and date of birth or SSN of Hilton employee:
_________________________ _________________________
_________________________ _________________________

__ If the former Hilton employee named at right is deceased, please supply spouse or beneficiary information below:

Date of death:

Beneficiary’s name:


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